Hi Y’all!

Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I’m all about. To be quite honest I’m ABOUT to go crazy figuring out this blog stuff! I mean is this page supposed to be about me or about what the whole blog is about? Since I’m a newbie, I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I share a little of both. They are kinda related.



I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. This trait served my husband, John, and me well when we had to decide whether or not to try our hand at a long distance relationship after only dating a month, December of 2000. We went all in and have never looked back. We’re raising two boys and pray that the pearls of wisdom we bestow upon them are kept safe in the recesses of their hearts. This trait is not so great for housekeeping, laundry, or even writing. When I start something I won’t stop until it’s done. Sounds great except that since I KNOW me if I don’t have enough time to finish, I won’t start. However, I work great under pressure. So, sometimes I’ll invite friends over for later in the week to force myself to get my house clean. Whatever works, right? Plus, coffee, friends, and good conversation are my JAM! As for writing, you’ll notice at first that my posts might coincide with milestones or events in my life just until I get into the swing of things.


My Blog

For now, as I dive in and learn as I go, I’ll be sharing about the things I love.  I’ll introduce you to my husband, John and our boys, the HaysBros.